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Monday, November 06, 2006

OSU to date recap, Biotches!!

Day Date Opponent Location Outcome/Time
Sat 09/02/06 Northern Illinois Columbus,OH W, 35-12 BOOOOOOM

Sat 09/09/06 Texas Austin, TX W, 24-7 BOOOOOOOOM

Sat 09/16/06 Cincinnati Columbus, OH W, 37-7 BOOOOOOM

Sat 09/23/06 Penn State Columbus, OH W, 28-6 BOOOOOOOOOM

Sat 09/30/06 Iowa Iowa City, IA W, 38-17 BOOOOOOOOM

Sat 10/07/06 Bowling Green Columbus, OH W, 35-7 BOOOOOOOOOM

Sat 10/14/06 Michigan State East Lansing, MI W, 38-7 BOOOOOOOM

Sat 10/21/06 Indiana Columbus, OH W, 44-3 BOOOOOOOOM

Sat 10/28/06 Minnesota Columbus, OH W, 44-0 BOOOOOOOOM

Sat 11/04/06 Illinois Champaign, IL W, 17-10 BOOOOOOOOM

Sat 11/11/06 Northwestern Evanston, IL TBA

Sat 11/18/06 Michigan Columbus, OH 3:30 PM


smokkee said...


slb159 said...

Nice work in the turbo that smoke and I were watching.

A bit of advice...and I'm not criticizing you in any way...just speaking from experince from playing the donks on FT (smokkee, correct me if I am wrong about any of this).

About your K4o already said that smoke has let you know that you won't get much accomplished by raising 2x the BB (min raising). You stole that guy's blind the orbit before, and I think he was a bit confused on what you might have been holding the second time you open-min raised him from your small blind. (or maybe he was just pissed).

I think if you bet 3.5x his BB with your stack size, he would have folded his 108o preflop, but who knows. Point being, if you think you're gonna be committed to playing a hand post flop, you'd best get more of your chips in prefop. You both flopped essentially nothing, but he had a backdoor flush draw and a str8 draw.

You bet 1/2 the pot on the flop. Hmmm...those autobet buttons are convenient, but you were doing that alot. With two spades on the board and an A and a J, a 75% pot bet might have taken it down. (Ick and I are big fans of betting about 75% of the pot on the flop).

He min raised you and you called. Well, at that point you were committed due to the large blinds at the time, but like I said above, if you are willing to play a hand for most of your chips, be aggressive with it. Make a decision and don't let people draw out on you (as he did when he made his str8 on the turn).

If you get your $ in with the best hand and you lose, so be it, but watch out for those autobet 1/2 pot moves on flops. Kinda like, "I don't have anything, but please go away."

I like the concept of the 75% pot bet since it puts a question mark in people's mind's. Almost like what I call a "please call me bet". You're not betting the autopot, not shoving allin and not betting 1/2 pot, so it makes your opponent think that you actually WANT them to call, like you put some thought into your bet size by typing out a specific number. It works for me in most cases, so maybe give it a try and see what happens.

At our levels, who knows what people will do, so it's just a suggestion. Idoits are lurking everywhere.

Anyway, very nice work again since you got some cash for you're efforts. I really need to work on my late-stage tourney play, so maybe I'm just talking nonsense here, but it makes a bit of sense in my opinion.

Best of luck at the tables.


smokkee said...

SLB is right on with his advice. you gotta raise more preflop. if you're hand's not worth raising, it's not worth playing (i.e. trouble hand). don't commit chips to a pot if you don't think your hand is good. it also pushes out the donks with crap drawing hands like sooted connectors, anything sooted. shit like that. it's not a guarantee you'll push those clowns out. but, if they're willing to call big raises with that, it's -EV long term. especially, if they are out of position.