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Monday, April 30, 2007

Home Game

Okay, so this weekend's home game was a friggin HIT!
Ray got his wish - I made hot wings.
AND, I made pasta primavera, pulled pork sandis, baked beans and BBQ Meatballs.
We also had a veggi tray and cheese tray (courtesy of Ray).
Everyone seemed to love the food.
Also, we supplied ALL the booze. Whitch I'm SURE everyone loved!!
We had a total of 26 peeps.

Here are the dirty details, according to Blinders, our tourney MC:

Saturday night, the Laguna Niguel Special Event on the OCPT was
completed, hosted by Ray AND Tina.
We had 26 entries, 55 Rebuys, and 22 Add-ons for an OCPT
record prize pool of $2,060. After a rebuy filled
first two hours, the field started to drop.
At the final table bubble we would have Steve,
Chip, Larry, Chris, Christina and Wes. Steve
would go out on the bubble when his preflop
push was called and did not hold-up. Next Chris
would lose a huge chunk of his stack, and be
eliminated a few hands later in 5th place.
Chip would be out next, followed by Larry shortly after. H
eads-up we would have Christina and Wes, who both
held nice sized stacks for most of the tournament.

Christina would have the biggest stack after eliminating
much of the final table. A chop was discussed, but
Christina would not negotiate, and used her large
stack to knock Wes out about 10 hands into heads-up.
Congratulations to Christina who won the largest 1st place
prize ($850) in OCPT history. She also moves into the
2007 lead, and 4th all-time with the oversized cash.
Congratulations as well to Wes who won $500 in his
first ever OCPT event. Thanks to everyone who made
this special event the biggest and best yet on the OCPT.

Okay, So, I, of course, only made it to the second table.
I guess hostessing and poker do not mix. I did not get any cards and was totally consumed by the constant attempt to please my guests. So, I wentout with AJ os.
Oh well. Next time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Back, Biotches!!

Okay, so work is slowing down a bit.
School does not start again for a few months.
The Elf Is Back in Business!!!!

After long hours of working, keeping up the household and taking care of my Smokkee's (big and little), I am finally able to turn my attention back to my blog.
So you have me back - for a few months anyways....

This weekend, Smokkee and I are hosting a home game.
Blinders, Poison and boobielover will be there, along with some others.
Scandalas pictures to follow....

So, the Martha Stewart in me is trying to decide what the hell to have for food and drink.
I have to serve my guests a hot meal before I take their $$$, you know?
Any suggestions?
Should I go with the traditional wings and meat/cheese platter? or maybe some homemade pulled pork sandwich's (no jokes here)?
Perhaps a veggie platter? cheese platter?
And the booze: beer and liqueur. We don't serve water in MY Bar! What movie is that quote from??
Maybe some wine for the ladies.

I'm sure I'll come up with something, and be running my ass of at the last minute.
Oh the joy of it.