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Sunday, September 24, 2006

OSU To-Date recap

Oh...poor, poor Jo-Pa
Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith
Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr. (#7 = Supa-Star!) celebrates his 2nd quarter touchdown against Texas with teammate Anthony Gonzalez (11) in the football game in Austin, Texas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006. BIG WIN
Ohio State football coach, Poppa Jim Tressell, center, sings the school song after we beat some Tex-Ass (24-7) in THEIR HOUSE in Austin, Texas, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006.

Day Date Opponent Location Outcome/Time
Sat 09/02/06 Northern Illinois Columbus,OH W, 35-12

Sat 09/09/06 Texas Austin, TX W, 24-7

Sat 09/16/06 Cincinnati Columbus, OH W, 37-7

Sat 09/23/06 Penn State Columbus, OH W, 28-6

Sat 09/30/06 Iowa Iowa City, IA W, 38-17

Sat 10/07/06 Bowling Green Columbus, OH W, 35-7

Sat 10/14/06 Michigan State East Lansing, MI W, 38-7

Sat 10/21/06 Indiana Columbus, OH 12:00 PM

Sat 10/28/06 Minnesota Columbus, OH 3:30 PM

Sat 11/04/06 Illinois Champaign, IL TBA

Sat 11/11/06 Northwestern Evanston, IL TBA

Sat 11/18/06 Michigan Columbus, OH 3:30 PM

It's my birthday!

So, this past weekend I talked Ray into taking me to the Santa Barbara wine country for my birthday. We stayed in a city called Solvang. Anyone seen the movie Sideways? It was filmed there. I really didn't like the movie, but it was kind of cool to see where it was filmed. Plus, I'm kind of a wine snob.

Anywho, it took us 4 1/2 hours to drive up there from Laguna. The pic of Ray is him NOT pleased with me after the drive up!! LOL

We stayed at the Wine Vally Inn - a B&B right in the center of town. Saturday morning, I allowed Ray to head over to Chumash, the only Indian casino in the area, for a quick tourney, while I did some shopping and a wine tasting. Then, we headed over to a city call Los Olivos. It has more wineries, and we had lunch and caught the Ohio State game - I mean the Ass whompin! It was a glorious day: wine tasing and ass whomping. I love it.

Later, we headed back to Solvang for some more wine tasting, touring the city, and dinner. We went to this quaint little place to eat, where they had a lounge with a singer. He was singing Frank Sinatra and such...Ray was Lovin it!! Sunday, we slept in and then left to drive back home. Ask Ray about the gas station incident and how many times he used the F-word!! too funny!

UPdate on Little Smokkee

Here are some recent pictures of our baby. He's getting soooo big!! He's too funny - he follows us around the house everywhere. He goes to Doggy day care 3 days a week, and has a baby sitter come to let him out mid-day the other two days of the week. I am so whiped....
We take him with us when we travel, too. This past weekend, he went with us to the Santa Barbara wine country. The potty training has been a struggle, but for the most part, he is catching on very quick. He's my sweet little baby angel, and I just want to SmOOOch him!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Who's No. 1, Bia-tch???

Okay, who's your No. 1 Mamma???
Miss No. 1 Buckeye!! Troy Smith is my most recent No. 1 Hero. Isn't he awesome?!?! OSU kicked that Tex-ASS like grandma used to with a wooden spoon!! Spank that ASS. Lovin it!! Mook - so sorry for your loss. Your picture was pretty funny, but who will be laughing at the National Championship, brotha?? O-H-I-O!!!!! All the way to the Bank!
xxx ooo