All I've ever wanted is to make a difference in someone's life.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh, and by the way....Did I mention?

Getting Grades

Well, I was amazed when I received my final grades for the Fall term. It seems I was able to pull the following out of somewhere:

Course Title ............................Final Grade
Professionalization Group I.....................CR
Psychopathology I....................................A-
Objective Personality Assmnt....................A-
Interventions II........................................A

I mean, how the hell did I manage to get 3 A's? With working full time, the wedding, and attending a Doctoral program full time, I thought for sure I would get Bs or Cs and even an F or two! Just kidding. I do put a ton of pressure on myself to succeed, or at least do my best. Ray took me out for Margaritas and a movie to celebrate! And I have to say he has been a saint through it all. There were many, many nights when I would go to bed at like 11pm, and get back up at 3 or 4am to finish papers or projects. I must have been a little difficult to deal with *wink*. Thank you baby!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A few more wedding Pictures

These are some of the pictures that our photographer got.

Popping champagne while getting ready:

Peaking around the corner just before walking down the isle:

The ceremony (check out the sky. Cool, huh):

My brother-in-law, me, baby Jaiden and my sis:

My best friend/confidant/sister and me:

My mommy and me:

My good friend growing up, Nicole and me:

Our cake (white cake with strawberry and whipped cream filling in tow layers, raspberry and whipped cream filling in the middle layer. Mmmmmmmm):

Things got a little messy:

Dancing with my new husband:

Ray and me:

Me being sassy:

Go Santa, go Santa

Click here: Santa does Adonis Cabaret's Girls Night Out

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bodog Tourney Tonight!!!

Join the Bodonkey Blogger Tournament TONIGHT!

Tournament Details
Tournament Name: “Online Poker Blogger Tournament” at Bodog
Entry Password: bodogblogger
Buy-in + fee: $10 + $1
Starting Chips: 3000 (Double Stack)
Payout: Standard Bodog payout structure

T$109 bonus paid to the top 5 finishers.
T$11 bonus paid to the 5 bubble boys (or girls).

Monday, December 17, 2007

Just More Pictures

Don, me and Stb:

Zeem and ScottMC (waaaaaaaahhh, waah, wahhhhhh!! (me crying silently(not so much) in a corner over the ticket))
SoCo for every one!
Smokkee praying for a hand:

The eventual Lucky turn:

Vegas Baby!!

Okay, finally!! The Vegas report.

So Ray and I went back and forth tons before deciding to come to Vegas for the Blogger Winter Formal (lol). We were able to make the trip really cheap by using points for the room, and driving. However, these were only a few of the factors that influenced our decision. When we really thought about it, the reasons for going very much out-weighed the reasons for staying home. Even though many of our regular blogger buddies were not making an appearance (Hoy, Iak, Mook), there were soooo many that were, like Fuel, Waffs, Al, Iggy, Gcox, and Bayne. Plus, there were gobbs of new bloggers that I was dying to meet in person, like Peaker, IT and Buddy. I wanted to say hello to Blood and meet Astin for the first time, which I did. I got to hug two of my favorite bloggers, Carmen and Don. I also got to hug another hottie, LJ. You know, when we were considering coming to Vegas, we first thought, Hell no, we can't go. We had just had the wedding, and the honeymoon, and were focusing on saving $$$. But then, we looked at each other, thought about what we would be missing and there really was no decision to make at that point - we had to go to Vegas. As those of you who migrated for the first time and for the fourth time can attest, there is too much to lose by not diving head first into this event. There is just something about this group of people. I mean, you find your cliques, the people you immediately connect with, but some you just don't. Either way, it's OK. You will make friends for life. Friends that you can connect with in a moment, for a lifetime.

Now for the pics:

Al (my own little therapist) and me:
(Note to self: Al has wisdom that cannot be overlooked. Must not frivolously waste time with Al chatting about stupid things. Instead, talk about the important things that matter, to which he will respond, Let us drink SoCo. )

Al, Peaker ((peaking) (Peaker is an awsome guy - smart, well spoken and the best husband/father), Waffles (my little psycho) and my baby Smokkee (my Love):

FTrain and Gcox :

Instant Tragedy (What can I say? You delighted me with your genuine sincerity and depth of emotion), Me (sporting the attractive low-cut thermals - it gets Cold in Vegas this time of year!) and Smokkee (bring me my iced coffee, baby, With whipped cream):

ScottMC's heartbreak (I almost cried when this didn't hit. Most of Sunday evening was spent in quiet anticipation of ScottMC's bet-$20-to-win-$3,200 10-game parlay. Can I just say SottMC reminds me of my brother- looks just like him - and I felt a very emotionally tied to him and this ticket. I fished it out of the bucket that Scott's dream went (literally) up in flames in):

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Vegas report in a minute - some business first

Don't forget to join us for Smokkee's Bodonkey Tourney on Bodog tonight.

T$600 is added to the prize pool every week.
$10+1 buy-in, 3000 starting chips.
pw: bodogblogger

Here's a quick teaser pic from Vegas (Carmen, Waffles and me!):

Thursday, December 06, 2007


how can a girl pass on a few extra $$$ to go shopping with? smokkee luvs the tables at Bodog poker and hosts a weekly tournament there with T$600 added. click one of the links on my sidebar and go make some moneh.

Monday, December 03, 2007

"The contest has started and your team will remain as it currently stands"

BS!!!!! I was updating my fantasy team on Sunday morning and got SCREWED! I ran out of time as I was picking my last two Wide Receivers. I had 180 points left, and then got cut off. While this was completely my fault for not watching the clock, a few expletives did escape my usually demure mouth. Needless to say, I got bumped way down in the rankings, to 7th place.

The current standing are as follows:
  1. jek187 583.36
  2. Blinders 491.80
  3. bonds 438.49
  4. jmathewson_III 407.11
  5. Miami Don 387.18
  6. HermWarfare 384.72
  7. love_elf 359.82
  8. bayne_s 343.16
  9. ebk03001 337.28
  10. ChipperSports 326.35
  11. Zeem 307.45
  12. DonkeyPuncher 278.85
  13. Bobby Bracelet 256.43
  14. Big Pirate 252.70
  15. Joe Speaker 248.75
  16. Schuabs 238.65
  17. lifesagrind 231.51
  18. Chewbot 192.32
  19. Chico's Bail Bonds 180.58
  20. 23skidoo 175.96
  21. Alpo_Splatr 163.23
  22. Madden 158.49
  23. scurvydog 155.03
  24. Otis 140.00
  25. mclarich 132.43
  26. Smokkee 117.77
  27. Dr. Pauly 111.78
  28. Mcguyver 108.28
  29. LTLover 105.64
  30. Instant Tragedy 71.13
  31. pwnage1 71.09
  32. DrizzDJ 65.98
  33. StB 61.95

Friday, November 30, 2007

Wedding Pictures!

Many more to come, but here are a few: Our first dance as a married couple was "Finally" by Fergi:

Feeding eachother cake (Ray was NOT nice!):
Me and my sis, being silly:
Lounging like the princess I am:

My sister and baby Jaiden:
Me and my friend, Yvonne:
Bonnie, Chrissy, me and Yvonne:

Bad Ray!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Maui!!

Yesterday, we went on a sunset dinner cruise:

Today, after ordering room service for breakfast, we will head down to the beach, rent a cabana and chase the waves - more token hoochie pics to come!
We have dinner reservations at the Rusty Harpoon for turkey dinner!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honeymoon, part 2

Tuesday, Ray and I walked down the beach to a neighboring hotel - the Sheraton - and had lunch.

Then went to the Whalers Village for some shopping and a cocktail.

We came across this restaurant that was all about OSU baby!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Honeymoon

Ray and I got to our hotel late Sunday night.
Everything was closed - not even room service was running!
So, we went over to Safeway to grab some stuff for the room.

Yesterday morning we walked on the beach after breakfast and took some pics.
Came back to the room and crashed for 3 hrs, then went down to Lahaina Town for some dinner at Pacific O's, drinks and shopping. We had a dinner entree called "Bling Bling", which consisted of filet mignon, lobster tail, garlic mashed potatoes, tempera asparagus and caviar! It was the best dinner I have ever had in my life.

Today, we had breakfast at our hotel again, and then rented a cabana on the beach for a few hours. And yes, mom, I wore sunscreen!

Some token hoochies for you boyz...

And get this: Flavor Flav is staying at our hotel!

How funny is that???