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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mother's Day - Please vote!

Hi all! I have entered my mommy into the beautiful Mom Photo Contest and would like your votes!!
Please vote for my mom here.

OR, if you prefer, you can enter your own mommy here.

Thanks and wish us luck!! Oh - and this is the picture I entered (mom's name is Linda):

My mom has been the greatest inspiration in my life. She has taught me to be a good person by living as an example. She is humble, God loving, expects great things of her children, and loves unconditionally. She has spent the last 2 years taking care of a husband who was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, and has remained an inspiration through it all. I love her with all my heart.

By the way, as a fan of my blog, Ice is giving my readers a 25% DISCOUNT on merchandise!
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Enjoy the shopping!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free Cell Service, continued

Okay so I got some more info to share. I'll summarize:

It looks like there are 3 cell plans to choose from. The top level, which includes unlimited talk, text and data is only $89.95. There are cheaper plans that have limits on minutes, etc. You can purchase their phone, or use your own, but you have to purchase their sim card. The first 30 days of service is free. Then the charge kicks in. However, the program asks that you refer/sign up 3 people for the program as well. When this happens, your cell service is free!

The program has 3 levels: $99, $250, and $499. Each level has an increasing number of reps that you can sign up, but 3 is still the minimum you must sign to get the free service. And, for everyone you sign up, they need to sign up 3 people as well; the peeps they sign, sign 3 more, etc. Every time this happens, YOU get $$$! My brother just joined the program and the guy above him is about 2 weeks in and already making $350 a week - the guy above him is making $2,000 a WEEK!!!!

So, the initial investment is $25 for the sim card + the program costs ($99 - $499, depending on which level you choose) + tax, unless you buy the phone (it is $399. It's the Samsung I7500. But, you get a $150 rebate when you sign up). Your 1st 30 days of cell service is free as well as your back office website, but when you sign up your 3 reps your back office website fee is now free also. So if you get people signed up within 30 days you will never have to pay for cell or website services.

You do not have to buy their phone, but if you ARE going to buy it, or think you might in the future just remember this--the rebates on the phone are only available if you buy the phone when you sign up to be a rep.

It sounds kind of complicated, so I'll stop here for now. But, I'm pretty excited about it!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Free Cell Phone Service Anyone?

Anyone heard of Wow Mobile? If you refer 3 people, you get your cell plan for free! Anyone interested? I am currently looking into this and will let you know more info later!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Work from Home / Money Making Opportunity

Hi everyone! Someone sent me this interesting webinar:

Download link:

Is anyone familiar with this? Have any feedback?

Who is this???

Who the hell is 日月神教-向左使 and how do I get it to stop posting comments to my blog?!?!?!?!