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Thursday, June 05, 2008

GREAT Winery!

I LOVE this vineyard! I visited their tasting room when Ray and I were in Santa Barbara for my birthday a year and a half ago. I joined their wine club then, and have loved every single wine I have gotten from them. And, its all organic. I highly recommend it!!

A blurb from their web page:
Presidio Vineyard & Winery’s goal is to produce handcrafted ultra-premium varietal wines from our certified organic and Biodynamic® estate vineyard (the Presidio Vineyard) located west of the Santa Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County. Over the years, Presidio has found that using chemical fertilizers leads to unbalanced wines with undesirable aromatics. In the Presidio Vineyard, organic and Biodynamic® techniques are practiced by using composts to create a healthy and more balanced soil, accentuating the desirable aromatics of the fruit. Presidio designed a trellising system unique to Santa Barbara County that positions the vine closer to the ground to maximize the refracted heat reaching the grape cluster. Presidio utilizes a French training system known as “Guyot Simple”, a Burgundian model incorporating a 9-bud cane to restrict yields and featuring increased vine density. Unlike most California vineyards, the Presidio Vineyard is planted on a 3’ x 7’ spacing with a plant density of 2,074 vines per acre. Increased vine density creates root competition and higher quality ultra-premium fruit. Additionally, the orientation of the rows is north/south to maximize the photosynthetic process by the sun’s movement. Presidio strongly believes in matching varietals to their preferred climactic regions. The Presidio Vineyard’s cool climate is particularly well-suited for Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay.

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helen said...

Nice Article Love Elf. I buy nearly all my wines from online shops
because of my hours of work. I dont suppose you know any sites that may sell the wines from that winery as i could not get links to work!