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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cleveland: Thanksgiving, New Baby, Good Friends - OH, and HOW 'BOUT THEM BUCKS!!!!

The week began with a HUGE win over the overrated Michigan Wolverines (those wimps). I bet $100 on the Bucks, but they did not cover, so it was a tad bittersweet. I'm sure MiamiDon feels my pain. Oh well, I'm excited that they crushed our long-time archenemy and proved all the doubters of our Defense wrong (In your face, doubters). We are still THE ONE, baby.

Tuesday, we met the Supermodel Iak and his lovely wife out for dinner at this trendy (yes, there is trendy in Cleveland) restaurant/bar in Cleveland’s Warehouse District. They specialize in European cuisine, and are highly renowned for their steaks. And, they have this really cool decor: beaded walls and ostrich-covered chairs. It was great to see Iak was still among the living, as he had been somewhat MIA recently. I was tickled with glee and amusement listening to the rapid-fire shit-giving exchange between Iak and Smokkee. I chirped in only occasionally, as I was enjoying great conversation and wine with Iak's wifey, Uzma. Iak - you truly have it all: wonderful wife, success and that Colgate Smile! Cheers

This is how Smokkee spent most of the week (I did manage to get him off the computer for Thanksgiving dinner):

I was very fortunate to meet up with my long time (34 years) best friend, Nicole later in the week. We met for dinner at another trendy, Euro-American place where we enjoyed great food (I had the duck...mmmm), wine and about 4 hours of non-stop girl talk. After the restaurant, we headed across the street to a wine bar, for more of the same.

And last, but certainly not least, my wonderful new nephew, Jaiden. Despite the 2-3 hour feedings, the fussiness, and other usual baby unmentionables, he is truly a little angle, a gift from God. I could not wait to hold him, and from the moment I did, I fell in love. I would hold him for as long as I could, usually 2-3 hour stretches, when my sister or b-in-law were not tending to him, and would just stare down at him, beaming with pride and joy. I did manage to play some poker that week. But, when I was holding the baby, it took a low priority back seat. Hence, the Mook that week. Enough said there.

Later at night, when the house was asleep, I could jump on line for some chatter and $6.50 sng's with Smokkee and slb. It was nice to get some real-time coaching. Slb even got me to play some Razz. I sat in with Smokkee, slb and Doubleas and managed to not loose too badly. Slb was an informative and patient, very patient coach. Thanks Steve!!


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slb159 said...

You played a helluva razz game. Nice to sit with you, smoke and my main man, A's.

Lady Aeval said...

That is so cute!