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Friday, September 11, 2009


So I stated back at my job today, officially as a temp. Of course, my boss did not have me put into the system yet so I'm using someone else's log ins.
He tried to take the weekend on call away, too, but we worked around it. And, he never called the temp agency to let them know today was my first day. They don't even have me in the system and they have no idea what my pay rate is. The boss also cut off my work cell phone today, with no warning! sucks! And, HR shorted me on my last pay check. I don't know about this new life. But, I'm trying to stay positive. And creative about money.

I saw four clients last week. That was challenging, but somewhat rewarding. School started too, so that's a lot of fun. This semester will be pretty busy. I just have to stay organized and focused. When I look back at what I did over the past year (working full time, school full time and part time internship 1.5 hours away), I can hardly believe it. It seems like so long ago and I'm totally glad it's over. Eyes forward, nose to the grind and hopefully this year will fly by too!

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lightning36 said...

Just remember that it is important to keep your clinical work in perspective. Too much work and not enough regular life = too much stress, difficulty at home, and less ability to serve your clients with your best.