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Sunday, March 01, 2009


One of my classmates sent the following email out on Thursday:

Dr. Nicholson,
There is no reflection paper listed on the syllabus for 3/2/09 is that correct? should we read the humanistic approach yet, we haven't even talked about IBCT. Please advise.
Reply to All, I CCed the entire class.

Her response:

Hello Albert,
Your classmates and I appreciate your email. What a semester we are having, no? An opportunity to strengthen our ability to negotiate the unexpected and be more flexible. Below is how we will move forward in the class.

March 2, 2009:
Reflection Paper due on Humanistic approach and anything (in and out of class) that has come before it

Dr. Nicholson

UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG..........What an idiot! Now I have homework and my plans for the beach are foiled!

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lj said...

effing dorks. bring reading to beach?

you were in my dream two nights ago. perhaps as budding psychologist you know what it means? you were in the city to audition for acting school and we met up to have lunch around herald square. i think we were in a burger king. so random.